Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures established (SLPP) in 1982. SLPP Provides high-end Production materials and movie-making equipment to various Production houses in INDIA. A part from Providing the Cameras, Lights and grip equipment on the sets, we are offer hired services involving production crew and transport. The company also has tie-up with star hotels at vantage cities in INDIA to take care of the accommodation of our distinguished customers.


SLPP is a vibrantly expanding film studio complex providing complete production services and facilities for film and TV Projects. It offers excellent guidance to moviemakers in the scouting of the best locations available in INDIA and scouting of locations abroad. A team of experts in designing locations is always on the movie in service of the film industry. The parameter is clear. the filmmakers can just drop in and take away the highly qualitative and finished product. SLPP wields an envious workforce consisting of landscpists, architects and designers.


SLPP captures the action in perfect illumination. The high-end lights equipment include flicker-free HIMS, shadow casters, tungsten (range up to 5000 watts), arripar and kinoflos. This vitalwing is controlled by a team of experts with rich exposure in the industry, while some of them had worked with overseas projects too. With perfect blend of expertise and customer friendly approach, the unit always strives for brilliant output. The infrastructure is varied and maintains extraordinary working standards the inventory consists of all the key accessories in the lighting, apart from the general support material.


Camera is like the soul of filmmaking. Our team has made through research on the needs of the filmmakers when it comes to the capture of action in the reel. this vitaldepartment is equipped with excellent camera paraphernalia in both film and video catagories, with the latest accessories. The working culture of the Camera unit touches global standards. The range of equipment in our 35mm camera unit include ARRI 535B, 435ES, ARRIFLE III, IIC, SUPER 35 shooting, apart from optics facility for Cinema scope. As of the video shooting, we have top-end equipments digital beta. Beta Cam SP, DVC PRO 25 and 50 MBPS, Apart from this we have the facility of making live recording for both video and film.


The Equipment division of SLPP houses in the latest kit much to the satisfaction of the distinguished filmmakers from all over the world. The experts employed with this department are highly dexterous in handling of the heavy equipment with speed and care. The stocks include Akela Cranes (upto 90ft), Remote operated Camera Cranes, Dollies, Cranes (for Cams), Track & Trolley, mobile generator & power channel equipment, special machines for risky shots, Reflector Boards, Audio gadgets, Skimmers, Car Rigs and other prominent equipment to cater to the modern modes of filmmaking.